Who we are:

  • we are active and retired K-12 school staff and political activists with strong connections to our communities

  • we are a diverse group of people

  • among us are experienced union site representatives and rank and file members

  • we take an active role in speaking out in support of our values

What we believe:

  • school should be an inspiring and joyous experience for all, especially students

  • teachers need and deserve academic freedom to perform their job well

  • education related organizations should be democratically run by members freely voicing a diversity of opinions

  • school staff work best using unscripted collaboration towards shared goals

  • Peer Assisted Review in Berkeley has served to harass and intimidate teachers, while not necessarily improving their practice

What we do:

  • guide, support, and protect staff and students

  • meet monthly in an informal setting and follow a non-hierarchal leadership structure

  • share information through an email list

  • stay connected to like-minded groups, both locally and nationally

  • participate in nonviolent direct action on a variety of progressive campaigns

  • respect the confidentiality of anyone who contacts us

Our Goals:

  • strengthen democracy in BFT and BCCE, BUSD, and the City of Berkeley

  • shift the BFT and BCCE away from bureaucratic models towards democratically operated social movement unions